The Group

Eurodrin DP was founded in 1999 as an S.A company with all rights to import export all fuels and its subsidiaries with the license of retail, wholesale and storage. The activity of the group is based on Albanian legislation and international laws.

Eurodrin Group is one the largest companies involved in the oil & petroleum products industry in Albania and Kosovo with long experience in the field of oil trade and derivatives. The group has developed a highly integrated fuel supply & storage chains strategically positioned throughout Albania and Kosovo and delivers affordable, high-quality fuel products to the clients. The group owns distribution & storage warehouses strategically position in Albania and Kosovo with Balkan market capacities and owns a considerable number of real estate assets.

The company has won many significant public tenders announced by the government. Eurodrin DP S.A main activities are to purchase, import, export, wholesale and retail of petroleum, storage of all petrol products and by-products, crude mineral oils and hydrocarbons. Eurodrin dp S.A provides reliably, efficiently and responsibly services in the fields of oil & petroleum products, Hotel&Tourism, Bunkering, Bitech Industries etc. The company also trade products distillated by local refineries. The processed derivatives such as bitumen, heavy crude oil, and others.

Thus, we aim to make our global based clients to feel more comfortable when making business in Albania by guarantying high quality products in very competitive prices with excellent service from our experienced and cost effective work force. Eurodrin projects choose suppliers based on legitimate, business related criteria, including quality of products, services, technical excellence and cost. Led by the President of the company, Mr.Shyqyri Duraku, our administrative team combines the youth and experience of professionals, coming from different fields and walks of life such as, economists, marketing specialists, engineers, and lawyers. Eurodrin DP S.A  is an independent company supported by its own assets and investments.

Ownership structure

Eurodrin dp S.A”: 100%
Minority shareholders: 0 %
Total: 100%

Management structure

– The President
– Board of directors
– General Manager
– Supervising Board

Social responsibility

Contribution to reducing unemployment rate.
Total number of employees in our group  is 500.

Contribution to the state budget
Eurodrin Group  paid $ 14 mil  of taxes and other contributions in the budget of the Republic of Albania.