Oil & Petroleum Products

Eurodrin Group is one of the largest groups involved in the oil & petroleum products industry in Albania and Kosovo with  long experience in the field of oil trade, derivatives and processed derivatives. Eurodrin Group main activity is purchase, import, export, wholesale, retail and transportation of petroleum, storage of all petroleum products and by-products, crude mineral oils and hydrocarbons. Our continuous expansion enables Eurodrin Group to trade petroleum products on international markets and work directly with local refineries in order to secure a constant flow of supply and economies of scale. We purchase oil products on FOB, CNF and CIF.
The group has  developed a highly integrated fuel supply & storage chains strategically positioned throughout Albania and Kosovo that deliver affordable, high-quality fuel products to our customers needs, whether individuals, households, small businesses, medium enterprises, corporations or public entities. Through our retail services stations we offer a variety of premium fuels of Unleaded, Diesel fuel and LPG